This page will help you make a complaint to the Appointed Integrity Commissioner.

The Municipality of Red Lake appointed Paul Heayn on December 18, 2017 by By-Law No. 90-2017 as Integrity Commissioner, in accordance to Section 223.3(1) of the Municipal Act.

The Integrity Commissioner is responsible for

  1.   Advising Council members of their duties under the Code of Conduct for Council.
  2.   Informing the public about the Code of Conduct for Council and Council members' roles under the Code.
  3.   Deciding whether to investigate complaints about Council members' conduct.
  4.   Making recommendations if there is an investigation.

Integrity Commissioner's Procedures

Informal Complaint

If you think a Council member is not following the Code of Conduct for Council, you may:

  1.   Advise the Member that their behaviour or activity contravenes the Code of Conduct for Council;
  2.   Encourage the Member to stop the prohibited behaviour or activity;
  3.   If applicable, confirm to the Member your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the Member's response to the concern identified;
  4.   If you are not satisfied with the response received through the informal process, you may proceed with a formal complaint through the Integrity Commissioner.

Formal Complaint

If you think a Council member has broken the Code of Conduct, you may make a formal complaint. Use the Formal Complaint Form to make a complaint to the Integrity Commissioner, Paul Heayn using the contact information below.

Open Formal Complaint Form (docx)

Find out more information from:

Mr. Paul S. Heayn, Integrity Commissioner
41 Clearwater Crescent
Dryden, Ontario
P8N 3H8
Telephone: (807) 223-6824
Fax: (807) 223-6824
Cell: (807) 221-8128