Accessible Entrances

  • All entrances are accessible, at ground level and without curbing.
  • All entrances are equipped with automatic and/ or sliding doors.

Accessible Parking

  • Four designated wheelchair accessible parking spaces are available in the Short-Term parking lot.
  • Two designated wheelchair accessible parking spaces are available in the Long-Term parking lot.
  • Each parking lot has a wheelchair accessible ramp facing the direction of each Airport Terminal Building entrance.

Accessible Designated Drop-off and Pick-up Locations

  • A Pedestrian Walkway and sidewalk entrance area without curbing can be found directly in front of both Airport Terminal Building accessible entrances.

Accessible Ground Transportation

  • The Municipality of Red Lake currently does not have a means for accessible ground transportation. For more information or comments, visit or contact:
    P: (807)735-2096

Accessible Washrooms

  • Washrooms located in the Airport Terminal Building have a designated accessible stall in each Men and Women's Washroom.
  • Sink faucets and hand dryers in the Airport Terminal Building are hands-free.

Designated Seating for Passengers with Disabilities

  • Designated seating for passengers with disabilities can be found in front of the Departure's door in the Arrivals area.

Amplified Telephones

  • Telephones have volume controls to amplify the sounds.

Service Animals

  • Persons with disabilities may enter the premises accompanied by their service animal and keep that animal with them in areas/premises that are open to the public, unless the animal is otherwise excluded by legislation.
  • Service animals have a designated relieving area with signage in place which can be found outside of the Airport Terminal Building to the left of the far entrance

Passenger Assistance Information

  • Emergency Telephone Numbers are displayed by the Public Telephone located by the Departures and Arrival area.
  • Passengers with disabilities that require additional information shall inquire with the Airline in which they are flying with for assistance.
  • For any requests outside the duties of the Airline in which the passenger is flying with, can contact the Airport Administration for additional assistance.


  • Wheelchairs are provided by the Airline you are flying with; the Customer Service Agent for your Airline would be happy to help.


  • The main signage within the facility utilizes raised lettering, Braille and pictograms.


  • The main signage within the facility utilizes raised lettering, Braille and pictograms.

We invite you to help us improve accessibility at the Red Lake Airport by sharing your questions, concerns or comments on the way we provide services to people with disabilities in an accessible manner.

All feedback should be directed to Administration or the Red Lake Airport Manager. Feedback from customers may be received in person, in writing, by email, telephone, by disk or by another method determined by both parties. A suggestion box can be found in the Airport Terminal Building on the counter at the Check-in area.

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