Notice of Flushing of Sewer Lines

Flushing of Sewer Lines




The Municipality of Red Lake will be completing sewer line flushing throughout the Municipality starting Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023 until Saturday, August 26th daily from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

This flushing is undertaken as regular maintenance to prevent the buildup of sediment which could result in blockages.

Equipment is used to jet clean the sewer line with HIGH PRESSURE WATER.

Sewer line flushing may result in some splashing from the toilet or sink.  To avoid any inconvenience, it is suggested that you place plugs in all sinks and close your toilet seat covers.  For extra precaution you may want to place a bag or plastic beneath the seat cover.

The following townsites will be affected:

Red Lake

·       Blende St.

·       Buffalo St.

·       Hammell Rd.

·       Howey Bay Rd.

·       Howey St.

·       Kelson Dr.

·       Kenora Rd.

·       Keewatin Rd.

·       McKee St.

·       Mill Rd.

·       Slobodian Cr.

·       Starratt St.

·       Sullivan St.


·       Campbell Rd.

·       Dexter Rd.

·       Fourth St.

·       Golden Place

·       Lassie Rd.



·      Edward Ave.

·      Mills Ave.

·      Service Rd.



**Please note** There is not set schedule for this maintenance as work is dependent upon the length of time it takes for each street.  Flushing equipment could be at the locations above on any day during the week.


For more information contact Public Works at 727-2597.


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