Updated August 2022

Current Projects

Here is a listing of the Municipality's progress on Capital Projects




McNeely Road

Rehabilitate and resurface 590 meters of road from Highway 125 to Eric Radford Way.


Off-Leash Dog Park

Fenced space (300’ x 90’) divided into 2 separate spaces:one 40’ x 90’ fenced in space for small dogs; one 260’ x 90’ space for larger dogs.

Also included: benches, shelter, pet waste stations.


Grand Opening October 4th

Multipurpose Trail

Construction of asphalt trail from sidewalk at High School to Hughes Crescent (600 meters), including benches and trail lighting.

Construction is complete!

Asphalt to be completed – Summer 2023

Norseman Park Improvements

Beautification improvements

Design work has begun.

Expected date of completion – Summer 2023

Municipal website redesign.


Launch date – August 30, 2022

Digital Sign Location - parking lot at Dan Kucheran Baseball Field Expected date of completion – Fall 2022
Street Lights Expansion of street lights throughout the Municipality. To be completed in Fall 2022
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