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Meeting agendas are typically posted @ 3pm - one business day before the scheduled meeting date.

2017 Yearly Meeting Calendars

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Recent Meetings Agendas, Minutes, Video & Meeting Information

The ten most recent meetings are available here; for older meetings please use the meeting search below.
  • Committee of Adjustment - January 15th, 2019    
  • Planning Advisory Committee - January 15th, 2019    
  • Open Meeting - January 14th, 2019    
  • Committee of the Whole Meeting - January 14th, 2019    
  • Council Meeting - December 17th, 2018    
  • Open Meeting - December 17th, 2018    
  • Committee of the Whole Meeting - December 10th, 2018    
  • Open Meeting - December 10th, 2018    
  • Inauguration - December 4th, 2018    
  • Special Meeting - December 4th, 2018    

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Agenda
An Agenda is a schedule of topics to be discussed at a given meeting. Agendas for Municipal Meetings are generally required to be posted for public viewing 24hrs before the meeting takes place. Historically our Municipal Agendas were written in an outline form, but we have recently switched to an interactive format where supporting documents are available by clicking links in the Agenda outline.
What is an Open/Closed Meeting
An Open Meeting is a meeting that is closed to the public shortly after it starts. The meeting is used to discuss matters deemed confidential for reasons of personal privacy, ongoing legal proceedings, etc.
How can I investigate a Closed Meeting
If you would like to start a closed meeting investigation please see our closed meeting investigation page
More Questions About Agendas
For more information about Agendas contact the Clerk's Department at 807-735-2096