Outdoor Rinks

10 Hammell Road, Red Lake

Lassie Road, Balmertown


effective December 12, 2022

NOTE:  Effective March 20, 2023 the Balmertown Rink is temporarily CLOSED

The Municipality of Red Lake maintains two outdoor rinks during the winter months. 

The Red Lake Outdoor Rink is located within Phillip Thomas Vinet Centennial Park.  It is a standard ice surface with a covered pavilion with indoor lighting.  There is a warm up shack for changing as well as washrooms available.  The ice surface and pavilion can be rented for private events.  For more information visit the Pavilion page. 

The Balmertown Outdoor Rink is accessed via Lassie Road in Balmertown.  There is a warm up shack for changing and the rink is surrounded by lighting for the darker hours.

Balmertown Outdoor Rink

Red Lake Outdoor Rink

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